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FAQ and support

NO – The Downline Builder System was developed by independent distributors with the aim of supporting the entire community on their path to success.

NO – The Downline Builder System has no technical connection to the Safir Backoffice. No data are exchanged between the Downline Builder System and the Safir Backoffice.

NO – Your existing Safir structure is positioned and organised via Safir. The Downline Builder system has no influence on this.

YES – All interested parties who register with Safir via your personal Downline Builder landing page will automatically be registered in your existing Safir structure, in your first level.

For this purpose, it is extremely important that you make sure that you enter your Safir referral link 100% correctly when registering with the Downline Builder system. If necessary, see the tutorial, “Where can I find my Safir sponsor link? You are liable for any incorrect entries.

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